DSCG Security has 3 styles of uniforms. Corporate, Metropolitan and Remote. This giving us the
correct image and look on a site to site basis for individual company needs. We take pride in ensuring
and maintaining a professional outlook at all times for our company and yours. All our uniforms are made from durable, yet light and breathable material, ensuring our security officers can make on the spot decisions with a cool head.


The DSCG Security khaki uniform has been produced for our more remote locations
and industrial sites, comprising of long sleeved shirts, long pants,
safety boots and akubra style hats. We also supply day/night high visibility
vests and jackets which all comply with mandatory occupational health and safety
(OH&S) standards.


DSCG Security’s black and white uniforms are suitable for metropolitan and urban areas which can be worn with or without ties, depending on the site and situation of our personnel or your company specifications. Our guards can also be supplied with or without firearms as all staff are correctly licensed and trained to perform this service if required.


DSCG Security’s black suits with white shirts and ties have been produced especially for the corporate sector. The suit-and-tie look will present a high profile image¬† for corporate functions, personal protection and shopping centres. Uniforms can also be emblazoned with your company logos and specific wording, should this be required.