Mobile Patrols

DSCG Security has got you covered!

At DSCC, our patrol cars are on the road 24hrs a day, seven days a week, al year round, providing a teamĀ  dedicated, highly trained and experienced security patrol officers – to ensure you the best level of protection for your property and assets.

DSCG patrols look for and prevent; vandal attack, unauthorised entry, illegal entry and ensuring that no weather or external factors are affecting your site. Security Patrols range from one random patrol a night up to 4 patrol calls per night, depending on your bsuiness security needs. Patrols are a;los able to lock or unlock of your premises property or even a welfare check on your staff’s safety. Yes, that’s right. DSCG Security Patrol officers can even be hired to ensure the safety and well being of your staff members working back whether alone or just when they’re finishing for the night and want an escort to their car, all while ensureing the security of your premises.

DSCG security patrols also use a Smart Guard electronic logging system of recording the time the patrol officer attended, so that you can always be assured that you are getting the services you’ve paid for.

  • Lock up and unlock services
  • Staff Safety
  • Property protection
  • Smart Guard Logging


For more information on our Security Patrol Services please call us on 0401 866 363 or email us today for a competitive quote.