Guards, Escorts & VIP Protection

“Honest, Professional, Intelligent, Mature”

At DSCG we proide ourselves on the professionalism of our personnel.Because we know every client is differnet we carefully select each and every team to ensure they complement eachsite in personality, professionalism and experience. This ensures that all our clients receive the best services and the most experienced team for their sites.

All our security officers must oass a strict set of criteria to work at DSCG.  This process involves a series of high-level interviews with our Directors / Managers, including reference and background checks, police and licensing checks and physical checks by company-nominated doctors.

All personnel despatched to a client’s site must have current industry experience, remote location experience and be of a mature nature and hold all relevant licences, cards and inductions for that specific site.

Generalised duties include;

• enforcing rules, regulations and procedures of the mine/construction site,

• control access and prevent trespass to the property,

• prevent loss of or damage to the assets,

• represent the client by providing guidance to authorized visitors and other employees,

• manage traffic flow

• deter criminal activity on the property.

DSCG personnel that work in remote and dangerous locations, are trained with minimum standard of Senior First Aid, 4 X 4 Driver Training and basic fire fighting skills. DSCG Officers are competently- minded to ensure that every situation will be handled in the most efficient way, thus ensuring the safety of themselves, their clientele, clientele’s personnel and members of the public.



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