24 Hour Alarm Response

DSCG Security Patrol Officers are well trained in responding to alarm calls. DSCG Security patrols can be called out by your alarm company, or can be contacted direct by you or your staff in a time of need. DSCG Security specialises in customizing our services to suit your premises and buisness needs while ensuring no disruption to your business.

DSCG Security’s network of mobile patrol services covers your local area. DSCG Security are able to have an average response time of approximately 20 minutes to most alarm calls within metropolitan areas (industry standard is 45 minutes). This greatly reduces the officer’s response times to well below the normal industry average and we constantly strive to provide the highest levels of service to our clientele.

Alarm Occurrence Reports are left on site after all alarm responses, notifying you the client or property owner as to the nature of the alarm and the action taken by the attending Patrol Officer at the time. Alarm Occurrence Reports, also include the time that the patrol was dispatched, arrival and departure times, if after hours nominated emergency contact were notified or if police were notified and any subsequent action taken either by your alarm monitoring company or the nominated after hours contact.

At the completion of the alarm call all information is relayed back to the control room monitoring station so details can be logged, in this manner, DSCG clientele are always kept fully informed and receive reports on hand.

  • Some insurance companies reduce policy costs
  • Highly professional and licensed security personnel, well trained in alram response
  • Coverage of most city and regional areas across Australia

Our experience within the security industry shows that with the right Alarm Service Response Team, some insurance companies are willing to reduce their policy costs.

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