DSCG Security is a professional organisation, priding itself on the professional personnel it employs and the quality of services provided.

DSCG Security delivers a far superior service than that of our competitors with a strong focus on customer requirements and services.

DSCG Security micromanages its clients sites our personnel and clients changing needs, with up to date KPI’s (key performance indicators) to ensure that our services are being delivered above and beyond our clients expectations. This providing documentation for services, these can be used for site auditors and justification of services.

DSCG Security only places personnel suited to certain sites, based on their aptitude, experience and PR skills, in public our Security Officers not only represent our company but are the front men of yours. We ensure that our personnel uphold the client’s interests at all times ensuring that situations and incidents are dealt with, in a professional and efficient manner.

DSCG Security is a 100% Australian owned company; DSCG Security has earned the trust and respect of a number of large Corporate Concerns, Government Agencies, Shopping Centres, Financial Institutions and Pharmaceutical Companies.

DSCG Security is one of the few companies providing all of the following services in house; 24 Hour Uniformed Guard and Patrols Services, Alarm Installers, Alarm Technicians, Alarm Monitoring Services and C.C.T.V. Installers

DSCG Security believes in building strong partnerships with our clients to provide a solid support base, protecting clients’ financial assets, and most importantly their personnel. We base our future success on our relationships with our clients, not the number of contracts we hold.

DSCG (Aust) Pty Ltd (DSCG Security) has been established with remote mining and construction industries as its target market. This gives the company firm direction and the qualifications to service these industries with the correct staff, policies, procedures and experience enabling DSCG Security to deliver the services as necessary. Keeping up with environmental and OH&S issues and policies ensuring the safe and professional delivery of services in the remote areas of the sites and the dangers involved in these areas.

Policies and procedures created within DSGC Security are specifically designed for the site specific works and are tailored on each site to compliment the onsite procedures, policies and HSE policies. We ensure that all measures are taken not to interfere with any site works, keeping the site running smooth and traffic flowing, contractors and staff moving freely with the appropriate rights, clearances and equipment.

DSCG Security will not only just simply supply security service to our clients sites, it will look for ways and make recommendations in cost savings without compromising the Services provided.

DSCG Security will at all times maintain a level of professionalism and services to our client that is second to none. We will with our KPI’s ensure that all personnel are performing their duties to the required standards and all HSE policies are being adhered to at all times.

DSCG Security is owned and operated by its director Richard Strawbridge with 26 years of industry experience. Richard will work the sites, overseeing the entire set up of projects. Also there will be a senior manager or supervisor of DSCG on site at all times, this enables executive decisions to be made immediately if necessary.